​Joya Dass, co-founder of LadyDrinks & Host of AVS
As any busy New York Woman knows, one is always multi-tasking. In the shower. On the way to work. On the way to an event. My morning shower doesn't leave much time for getting rid of dry, wintry skin, so PURE Scrubs are a great way to MULTI TASK and walk out with smooth skin for the day! They come in a 'smell good' variety of scents. My favorite has lavender in it! 

A Connecticut Customer (by Catherine LaForza)
I am totally hooked on these and my skin has never felt so luscious soft...Thank you so much! I love your products.....Love love love your scrub... 

Men's Scrub (by Lizzie Eifler)
I never write reviews and can't figure out how to write one here, but I want you to know that my teenage son has struggled with eczema for years and your men's scrub was suggested to us at the Saraswati's Yoga Joint fair in the Fall. It has been a long, cold, dry, nasty winter and this is the first time in years that he hasn't had any problems at all. He credit these good months to your product. As I went to buy more, it occurred to me that writing a glowing review would be a good idea.


​The Scrub (by Lisa Schultze)
I love the scrub!! Smells deelish, smooths and hydrates my skin. Fantastic. 


​Product Review on Eat Something Sexy 
(Excerpt) ...Decadent body scrubs with aphrodisiac scents, Pure Sugar Scrubs take sugar out of the kitchen (and off the naughty list) and into the bath as an preservative-free exfoliant. Sugar, combine with honey, jojoba and other natural oils, scrub the skin to freshness and baby softness while coating the body in luxurious scent. Finer than most scrubs, it feels sexy going on and rinses away to unveil the most sensual skin you thought possible. Share it with someone you love!

​Product Review on A Girl's Gotta Spa (by Gail Lewis)
(Excerpt) ...I recently discovered PURE Sugar Scrubs. The scrubs contain all natural ingredients such as sugar, honey and lemon juice but have no preservatives, animal product or by-product and are not tested on animals.  I especially love the Sensual Sugar Scrub.  The scent is indeed very soft and sensual (Sandalwood Vanilla) and the scrub exfoliated my skin beautifully but without feeling harsh and scratchy. I love using the scrub on my skin when its both wet and dry. If I want a bit of a stronger exfoliation, I just use the scrub on my skin before I step into the shower and it works amazingly.  The scrub contains its own oils so I dont need to add any oils to my skin when it is dry before I exfoliate.  I also love that the scrub also does not leave a huge mess in my bath tub like a lot of other body scrubs that I have used in the past.

​Product Review on Far Above Rubies (by Angela L Vann)
Sensual Sugar Scrub - Sandalwood Vanilla, "take(s) me back" --- to baby-soft skin, naturally!

​Product Review on My Beauty Bunny (by Lauren Warner)
(Excerpt) ...With ingredients such as all natural sugar, lemon juice, honey, tea tree oil and carrot and aloe vera extract, Pure Sugar Scrub gives the body a soft polish for those sizzling days of summer. The alluring scent of Jasmine Vanilla (Pure Sensual Sugar Scrub) was enough to have me reaching for this sugar scrub each and every shower and knowing it is cruelty-free and made with all natural ingredients makes me want to try more Pure Sugar Scrubs (if only just to smell each and every one of them)

Pure Sugar Scrub received its first review from CA-based My Beauty Bunny. My Beauty Bunny is a cruelty-free beauty blog written by guys and gals who cant get enough hair, skin, makeup and other beauty products not tested on animals. Scouring the Earth for the best in cruelty-free, green, natural, organic and other good-for-you beauty, skin care and hair care products!


​My Answer (by Shiz)
I have such dry skin..nothing seem to works better than your scrub...not even apricot scrub...the scrub wipes off dead skin and the ingredients help lock the moisture back in.  It's safe to use I love it...I've tried the tea tree and the sandalwood..I will have to try the rest!


​The Scrub (by MK)
I have used over 5 different brands and over 10 types of scrubs, this is BY FAR the best scrub.  Fancy, pricey scrubs feel good at the moment but they fall right off and they don't do a whole lot for long term.  With this, I can feel a difference in my skin (I use it on my body mainly) immediately and I am soft and moisturized ALL day.  Best product ever, and it wont just fall off, such a little bit goes really far! So impressed.